Reviewing Reports in Rico

This article explains what functionality Rico has for assisting at the review stage of an assessment.
Written by Foss Shanahan
Updated 8 months ago

How assessments are reviewed in Rico depends on your general review process.

Rico does not have some of the functionality of Word used for review such as tracked changes and comments.

Rico Reviewing Functionality and Suggestions

In the first instance, Rico aims to reduce the burden on the review process by providing a clear approach to varying project issues upfront. Beyond this, we have the following functionality and suggestions to facilitate the review process:

  • You can download a report any time or duplicate a project to save a version - If you'd like to save a version of a project, you can either download a Word version or duplicate a project (the duplicate option is on the projects page, under the 'Actions' column at the far right of the table.
  • Use the Review Tab to read through reports - This provides and easy to read version of the report. To edit any content, you can click on the content in Review Tab and it will jump you to that section in the workflow where you can make changes.
  • Use Highlighted Text and Todo to make notes and comments - If you need to make any notes on an assessment, use the highlight function to make this text stand out to be edited at a later date. You can also mark a section as Todo, to add a flag in the Workflow to come back to that section later.
  • Use an in-browser spell check such as Grammarly - Grammarly is free and provides a better spell check than the majority of document editors. We have an article on how to add this here.

Reviewing Reports Outside Rico (MS Word & 12d Synergy)

If you prefer to review reports outside Rico, either in MS Word or using a system like 12d Synergy, we have the following guidance for how Rico can work best alongside these approaches.

Generally, customers in this situation use Rico to focus on drafting reports and MS Word / other systems to focus on a more detailed review stage as illustrated in the diagram below: 

Downloading reports for review and updating Rico with changes made outside

The precise point a project leaves the Rico workflow is up to you. As a general practice, we suggest progressing projects as far as you can in Rico to keep your assessments up to date for being imported into future projects.

That being said, some changes outside Rico are natural. When considering whether to update Rico with changes made outside, we have the following general guidance:

  • Assessments in Rico don't need to be identical to final reports in Synergy as most will be edited if imported into future projects anyway.
  • If you have changes to assessments outside of Rico, and you would like these available to import into future projects, you can manually update these by copying them back over into Rico.
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