Making changes to your Workflow or Report Template

This article explains what settings you can change for your Workflow and Report Template in Rico.
Written by Foss Shanahan
Updated 9 months ago

Workflows and Report Templates in Rico can be highly customised to suit your preferences. This article outlines what you can change. Changes in Rico can have far-reaching effects, so at this stage, they must be made through a Rico representative. We welcome any requests for changes and are happy to help and make requested changes promptly.


Order & Structure

Steps can be added or removed, the order of steps can be changed and steps can also be organised under collapses. Typically these settings look to optimise the use of the import function and ease and flow of assessments.


Instructions on pages of your workflow can be customised to provide additional direction and considerations to turn your attention to.

Report Templates

Order & Structure

Report sections can be added or removed, the order of sections can be changed, and sections can be organised into different hierarchies.

Style & Presentation


The properties of various text styles such as titles, headings, paragraphs, captions, table text, and table of contents can be customised.


In addition to text styles within tables, the styling of table borders and cell shading can be customised.

Custom Components

Custom components are static sections or text that are inserted into a given Report such as:

  • Cover pages
  • Header(s)
  • Footer(s)
  • Disclaimers
  • Document Control Records

We may be able to add other similar sections into reports for you.


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