How Plan Changes are Assessed in Rico

This article explains how Plan Changes can be Assessed in Rico.
Written by Foss Shanahan
Updated 9 months ago

Plan Changes can impact the foundations of what is to be assessed for a given project. The video below walks through how to approach plan changes, from identifying how they change what's to be considered in a project, to their implications on various qualitative assessments.

What's covered in the video?

The video is broken up into the following sections you can jump to:

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 00:14 - How we typically structure workflows to account for Plan Changes
  • 01:04 - Why it’s important to have an Underlying Assessment stage
  • 01:49 - How Plan Changes are Identified
  • 02:34 - How Plan Changes are analysed
  • 03:15 - Using a Templated Response to complete an assessment of a Plan Changes implications
  • 05:25 - Worked Example of a Plan Change assessment
  • 08:37 - Summary
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