Creating and Editing Templated Responses

This article explains how to create and edit Templated Responses in Rico.
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Templated Responses allow you to create and update model / favourite templates for responding to assessment sections within a Workflow. The video below explains how to create and edit your own Templated Responses:

What's covered in the video?

The video is broken up into the following sections you can jump to:

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 00:08 - Where Templated Responses appear
  • 00:41 - Creating a new Templated Response
  • 02:46 - Best practice for writing a Templated Response
  • 05:52 - Importing a Templated Response

Further information on Templates for Per Document Fields

In Rico, plans and parts of plans are called Plan Considerations.

Plan Considerations can be added to a given project where they are relevant to a project's assessment, from various pages such as Site page, the Checklist page or the Considerations page.

Once added, Plan Considerations appear as part of assessments later in the workflow.

For example, a rules assessment where the rules from each Plan Consideration are to be assessed. Or, another example is a provisions assessment where the relevant provisions for a given Plan Consideration can be assessed.

Where the assessment is a free text field, this uses a per document field. Unlike regular fields, these appear for each added Plan Consideration. If there are no Plan Considerations added, none appear. If there are multiple, one field appears for each Plan Consideration.

Templated Responses and the Import Function for Per Document Fields work slightly differently than Regular Fields.

Import will only import assessments made in the free text field against the exact same Plan Consideration. For example, a rules assessment against an Earthworks chapter can only be imported into another project where a rules assessment is being performed for the same chapter.

Templated responses on the other hand are set for a given field and can be used to complete an assessment against any Plan Consideration. That means a templated response for a rules assessment can be imported into a rules assessment for any plan consideration. It is not set for a specific chapter or plan section, like the import.

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