How do we keep Plan Data up to date and accurate on Rico?

Plan data is available on Rico to be easily assessed and referenced in projects. This article explains the steps we take to ensure this stays up to date with any changes.
Written by Foss Shanahan
Updated 8 months ago

What plan data do we have available?

We make certain plan data available to be easily used for assessments on Rico. The plan data on Rico is focused on what's most relevant to assessments, such as:

  • Objectives, Policies, Assessment Criteria
  • Matters of Discretion and Control
  • Activities, Standards and Rules

For other information, we provide links to source planning documents and regulations wherever possible throughout Rico.

How do we handle changes to plans or regulations?

We keep plan data synchronised with operative plans and regulations.

Proposed changes to plans and regulations are only loaded in once they become operative. In some instances, where a proposed change has legal effect we will make this available on Rico, separate from the operative version.

Plan changes are generally assessed as part of more qualitative assessments in the rest of the workflow. Learn more about this in this example of How Plan Changes are Assessed in Rico.

We have the following measures to ensure plan data is accurate and up to date:

  • Monitor - for any updates or changes to plans (such as a plan change, or change in status of a plan change)
  • Assess - any updates or changes for impact on our plan data (such as changes to operative text or new rules with legal effect) 
  • Record - changes we've made to plan data so we can keep track of these.
  • Update -  any data/references we have in Rico so it reflects current operative rules and regulations and those with legal effect.

We aim to respond to changes as soon as possible, this varies on the timeliness and means by which we are notified of such changes.

You can report any changes you are concerned about or that we may have missed or any plan data you would like to see available on Rico via email to

Who's responsible for ensuring plan data is accurate and up to date?

We take great care in keeping our plan data accurate and up to date through the processes above, however, we do not accept any liability for any errors or omissions in the plan data. You are responsible for ensuring any plan data included in assessments is accurate.

it's important to review the rules and provisions you're referencing and refer to these at their source. As mentioned above, links are provided throughout Rico to help facilitate this.

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