How do I account for Infringed Rules / Standards? (Auckland)

This article explains how to account for infringed rules or standards as activities and reasons for consent in Rico
Written by Foss Shanahan
Updated 8 months ago

Infringing a rule or standard can result in several implications for a project, depending on the circumstances.

Generally, it results in an activity or reason for consent being triggered, which needs to be added to the project in one of the following ways:

  • Where there is a specific activity accounting for an infringement (e.g. buildings infringing standard X.X.X), go to the activities page and add this specific activity so a reason for consent is added. 
  • Where there is no specific activity provided and the rule / standard must be complied with, there is a rule/activity for general infringements (C1.9(2)) that needs to be added. We have added this on the activities page for every plan section containing rules.

In some cases, the standard may not need to be complied with and is instead only acting to support your assessment. In these cases, you can include the infringed rule/standard alongside other rules/standards compliance and not add any activities or reasons for consent with respect to this. It is suggested that you clarify your logic here and why it has been included in your comment/assessment against the standard. This is explained further in the video below:

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 00:31 - Example of standards that ARE NOT a standard to be complied with (core standard)
  • 01:01 - Example of standards that ARE a standard to be complied with (non-core standard)
  • 01:59 - Recording infringement of core standard as a C1.9(2) activity
  • 04:47 - Recording infringement of core standard  in standards assessment
  • 05:07 - Recording infringement of non-core standard 
  • 05:58 - Example of standard where there is a specific activity for the infringement
  • 06:57 - Conclusion
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